look at all these national terrorist alerts put out by the white house. not one of them have come true.

but don't worry if they keep shouting "TERRORIST ALERT" sooner or latter a terrorist will strike by accident at the same time.

From: http://www.arizonarepublic.com/news/articles/1116terror16.html

Recent U.S. alerts

A partial list of recent terror alerts and warnings by government and law enforcement officials:

NOV. 14: The FBI warns that al-Qaida may be planning a "spectacular" terror attack intended to damage the U.S. economy and inflict casualties on a large scale.

NOV. 13: The FBI tells authorities in Houston, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington to be aware of threats against hospitals. Senior law enforcement officials give the threat low credibility.

NOV. 6: The FBI issues a general warning of possible terror attacks by al-Qaida and "sympathetic jihadists" that might be carried out during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ends around Dec. 5.

OCT. 24: The FBI warns state and local law enforcers about a possible al-Qaida attack against passenger trains, bridges or tracks.

OCT. 9: The FBI and several federal agencies overseeing high-risk sectors such as transportation, energy and agriculture send warnings urging extra precautions.

SEPT. 10: The government raises the nation's terror alert warning, citing a "high risk" of attack ahead of the Sept. 11 anniversary of the kamikaze hijackings. Security at federal buildings and monuments is increased, and some U.S. embassies abroad are closed.

ABOUT SEPT. 5: The FBI warns local police, power companies and transportation agencies of possible threats ahead of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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